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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  December 20, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EST

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breaking news tonight. windemere, florida, golf phenomenon tiger woods drives out of his multimillion dollar compound bare foot, 2:00 a.m., after thanksgiving day celebrations, and has a head-on collision with a tree and a fire hydrant. his young wife, the mother of his two children, says she hears the crash from inside, runs out, to beat out both back windows of woods' cadillac. woods refusing repeatedly to speak to police, immediately pulling out of his own golf tournament as the alleged mistresses hit double digits,
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including a swimsuit model, two porn stars, and a waitress at a pancake house. woods just gets a slap on the wrist, even though a witness tells cops woods wasn't drinking before the crash, and prescribed sleeping pills and a painkiller vicodin. bombshell tonight. in the last hours, woods' wife, elin nordegren, goes public, caught on video, making a point to show the world she has shed her wedding band. with a full staff, this woman never needs to leave the home. so why send the message to the world. and tonight, we learn terms of an alleged payout to reported mistress number one, a new york party hostess. price tag? millions. structured like michael jackson's first multimillion dollar payout to an alleged victim to guarantee silence.
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sources reporting woods fears two more alleged mistresses set to surface, raising the tally to 16 women. we learn woods, not on his multimillion dollar yacht "the privacy" but instead bunked up in the home of a friend out of state. reports, woods flies back to florida to meet with child services, who come to woods' home to investigate domestic violence with a weapon in front of the two children. reports today, repairmen in the home with ladders. was it to repair damage to the home's entrance hall the night of the big blowup? woods' wife reportedly contacting divorce lawyers. do you blame her? as his mistresses move on to fame and fortune with offers on everything from spokesperson to modeling for "playboy."
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even woods' doctor now under police scrutiny. cop cars on duty as moving vans reportedly show up, pack up and leave. reports woods heading to france, ala brad pitt and angelina jolie. as woods announces an indefinite leave from golf and admits "infidelity." up to $35 million in endorsements drying up. what really happened to tiger woods? yet another woman has decided to go public. >> he was caught red handed. >> do you think tiger is a sex addict? >> the tiger that i knew, i would never think that. >> tiger has patterns of obviously infidelity and risk taking. i think to call him a sex addict is a stretch. an excuse for bad, bad behavior. and a stretch. >> you see his wife, elin nordegren, without that huge, humongous diamond ring. >> tiger woods has lost his first big-named sponsor since admitting to cheating on his wife.
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>> accenture is dropping him, basically saying he is not the right representative for its advertising. >> now we see boxes being loaded onto woods' multimillion dollar yacht "the privacy. >> moving van did pull up into tiger's home. the van moved out lots of boxes. >> a lot of these women are claiming two and three-year relationships with him. some in the family home. to me, that would crack the prenup. >> did you feel guilty? >> i guess if i were to seriously think about it, you know, i did feel guilty he's spending his time with somebody that isn't his wife. but, you know, he never mentioned her. >> she's not very happy. she's working on a different settlement. she's perhaps talking to divorce lawyers. she is definitely mad about everything that's going on.
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and i don't think that you can rule out the fact that they're not going to be together. >> this very well could be the beginning of the end. breaking news tonight, live newburg, new york, the desperate search for a 4-year-old little boy, vanishing from his own home. mommy at work, the live-in babysitting the little boy when he goes missing without a trace. 1:00 p.m., broad daylight. as we go to air, blood hounds released on the property. tonight, where is 4-year-old marc anthony? teams of police spanned out looking for 4-year-old marc anthony. the boy disappeared in his home in newburg while being watched by his mother's boyfriend. the child's mother told police he just wandered away as they
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were getting ready to visit a relative. >> this is the back door that leads to an alley, which is what the mother's boyfriend says was wide open when he realized that marc had gone missing. her boyfriend, mr. bird, had fallen asleep, had been watching television, maybe a movie and noticed at 1:00 p.m. that little marc had gone missing. we noticed this door was wide open and no marc. >> police have arrested cory bird and charged him with endangering the welfare of a child and a parole violation. >> i think someone snatched him up because he don't wander off or anything. he's always where he's supposed to be at. he never wanders off. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight, in the last hours, woods' wife, elin nordegren, goes public, caught on video, making a point to show the world she has shed her wedding band. and tonight, we learn terms of an alleged payout to reported mistress number one, a new york party hostess. price tag? millions.
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and it's structured allegedly like michael jackson's first multimillion dollar payout to an alleged victim to guarantee the boy's silence. sources reporting woods fearing two more alleged mistresses set to surface, raising the tally to 16 women. >> i have no words to explain, you know, what i have done to her or her family. >> how are you? do you still love tiger, elin? will you ever forgive him? >> i would be deeply sorry for never considering her during the whole process. >> are you going to divorce him, elin? what do you think of his 14 mistresses? >> hey, it's tiger. i need you to do me a huge favor. can you please take your name off your phone? my wife went through my phone and may be calling you. >> global consulting firm
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accenture is the first to end its business relationship with tiger. >> they seem to be real relationships as you read these text messages. it didn't seem to be ships in the night. to think about it, for a person like, hey, who was a playboy, for want of a better term, he really got emotionally involved with these women. >> when i did air that voicemail, i mean, the day i received it, it was kind of like a reality check for me. it was kind of saying, you know, i'm not the most important person to him. >> i do not for one second believes he had real relationships with these women. >> it's the same pattern again and again where each person thinks they're the only one and they'll be the one with tiger. >> tiger released a statement admitting to infidelity and announcing an indefinite break from golf. >> his wife and his two little children. they're the real victims in all of this. >> straight out to our chief editorial producer. elin nordegren sending a message to the world today, caught on
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video, you're seeing what we observed today, where was she, why was she out and about? >> she wasn't far from her home. she was with her daughter, sam, about 2 years old. apparently they went and had lunch. as she's leaving the restaurant, that's when she's spotted, again, without her wedding ring. she also wasn't wearing it on sunday when she was pumping gas. now, the word is that she was asked a barrage of questions. she didn't say much of anything other than that the kids were okay. to drew petrimo, reporter with wdbo joining us there in florida. drew, her husband is literally a billionaire. that's with a "b" as in brother. billionaire. she doesn't have to pump her own gas, drew. where exactly was she and how far away from the home was she? >> not too far. within 20 miles from the home. it was at a local thai restaurant where she was photographed. again, she didn't -- >> a local what? >> thai restaurant. i think she was having lunch.
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thai food. >> on the other hand, to you, let's unleash the lawyers, why should she stay in the home? yes, she's probably got a fleet of servants. but maybe she wants to get the heck out of there. ray giudice, why send a message to the world? >> well, that's interesting. i think she may also at some point in time push back and say, look, i've been wronged, i want the people to know i've been wronged. she's been holed up in the house since thanksgiving. i'm sure this is an emotional, cathartic release. and she needs some freedom. i can't blame her. >> put giudice on the screen. you know, i've known you, or of you since you've been practicing law since the '80s, that's the first time i heard of a cathartic release coming from between your lips. so let's just cut the b.s. and
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talk about why she's really out there. if i ever hear giudice say cathartic again, i'll know the end of the world is coming. herman, what legal strategy could be behind being out in public without the wedding band? as i said yesterday, i was out without mine because i didn't want to get stuck in the top of a mcdonald's play station, 40 feet up off the ground. that's not quite the same thing. so what could legally, strategically be behind this? >> she's trying to gather public support for her. i didn't hear her come out and announce she gave the ring back to him. you know she's keeping that ring. nancy, that anti-nuptial agreement, that prenuptial agreement is rock solid. it doesn't mean anything. he should move back into that house right now. >> is that so? >> that's right. >> because what we understand from our sources, the prenup is now being negotiated, mr. rock solid can't touch it. what about it, kim serafin, "in touch weekly"? what do we know about the prenup? if it is so rock solid, why
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touch it, why renegotiate it, kim? >> right. well, remember, we have had those reports from last week saying they were trying to change the prenup, that he was offering elin $5 million to stay right away. and then increasing it from $20 million over ten years, to something like up to $85 million over the next seven years. >> what about that, richard herman? >> prostitution, nancy. >> we're talking about one of the most iconic sports celebrities on the planet. nothing is ever going to be allowed sort of in this media environment with twitter and the internet where news travels explosively around the world. nothing is self-contained with celebrities. and tiger's celebrity is absolutely enormous.
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is it a car accident, sir? >> it's a car accident, yes. >> the investigation has determined that mr. woods was involved in the crash. >> please take your name off that. and just have it as a number. >> it's all blowing up as we speak. >> we're getting word of more alleged affairs. >> it wasn't one woman, it wasn't two. we think the number has been up to 13. >> i do not for one second believe he had real relationships with these women. >> i did put a lot of, you know, emotions into this. and i did care very much for him.
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and when we were together, i mean, he did make me feel like i was the only girl. so to go back and see, and i mean especially now when there's more and more. >> back out to kim serafin with "in touch weekly." kim, what can you tell me about what we have learned regarding a payout, an alleged payout to tiger woods to alleged mistress number one, rachel uchitel? >> well, there is a report that says he is paying her $1 million over the next five years, i believe, according to the daily beat. >> hold on. i understand it's $5 million over the next five years. which is $1 million per year. >> right. exactly. $1 million per year over the next -- >> that's $5 million. >> exactly. >> not $1 million. you know, it's interesting, to you ellie jostad, that is the same structure of michael jackson's payoff of $20 million to the first alleged boy child molestation victim, allegedly paid him $20 million over 20 years.
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so if you don't -- you don't give them the whole thing up front, they hang on for the next million. >> that is what this report is stating, that what they would do is give her one year this year. not like you get a lump sum and later change your mind and go forward with whatever accusations you want to make. >> but why her? why is she to get the $5 million? >> the speculation is rachel uchitel, who is the first woman we heard connected to tiger woods, the speculation is that she has information, possibly voicemails, e-mails, that kind of thing, that indicate some sort of real love between her and tiger woods, in other words they think she has the most damaging information. >> you know, ellie, and there is alleged mistress number one, she was in "ok!" magazine this past week, refused to talk about her relationship with tiger woods. she is the one he allegedly discussed leaving his wife. that he wished he had never gotten married, wished he had met her before he got married. >> right.
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>> ellie, while i've got you on the hot seat, ps, we're taking your calls live, what can you tell me about a new alleged mistress emerging that was seeing tiger woods before the marriage, and now, up to five years? she's a 48-year-old florida woman, is that correct? >> yeah. this is a woman who is in her late 40s. apparently she met tiger woods before he was married to elin nordegren. they started an affair then. and apparently continued it once he was married. they say -- and these are claims that have not been substantiated at this point. the woman herself has not come forward to confirm or deny. supposedly over five years' time they met in various places around the country and continued the affair. >> when you say various places, what do you mean by that? >> he would fly her to wherever he was traveling, she would go meet him. >> out to the lines. jennifer, missouri, hi, jennifer. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: my question is, you
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know, you hear a lot of men who are serial cheaters, like tiger is. think it's okay because it's something they've seen growing up. does anybody know his family history, if anybody in his family was a serial cheater and that's kind of where he learned this behavior? >> i've never heard that allegation before. what, if anything, do we know, kim serafin? >> i have not heard that either. i think that's why this is such a shock to everyone. because it is so different than what everyone knew about tiger, what everyone assumed about tiger. >> dr. patricia saunders, tell me not everyone is going to blame the parents. his father is in heaven. i don't think we can resurrect him and try to blame him? >> no way. he'sboy. this isn't serial cheating, this is concurrent cheating. i think he splits off his wife, who's the mother, and his sexual relationships with other women, and one has nothing to do with the other in his head. and therefore, it's okay.
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this whole time, you know, two and a half years, that i thought that i could have been the only woman, and the only reason, you know, why we didn't hang out as much is he was busy. tiger woods, the battered brand, the fallen superstar, his alleged mistresses continue to speak out and pop up, his self-imposed seclusion continues. he's on indefinite leave from professional golf. >> right now, tiger woods stands for infidelity, adultery. >> elin nordegren has closed on a family mansion in her homeland. now we see boxes being loaded
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onto woods' multimillion dollar yacht. >> we've seen the wife out without him. and without her wedding ring on. >> this is absolutely the perfect storm. >> one of the most, if not most recognizable man in the history of the universe, combined with the blogosphere internet access where accurate or inaccurate information is purveyed worldwide in a matter of seconds. >> there's no denying he's worth his weight in the gold to the pga, the networks, the brands he represents. what exactly is at stake here? >> he's playing to the country club crowd, to the corporate crowd. these are people who don't like to be duped or surprised. and here they are, looking at tiger now, the charade, this whole image that it turns out to be a fraud. >> elin, how are you? do you still love tiger, elin? will you ever forgive him? are you going to divorce him, elin? what do you think of his 14 mistresses? what would you say to them? >> how about something nice like how are you holding up? >> how are you holding up, elin? >> it's interesting.
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in every interview i've seen, it's family first and golf second. always been like that? >> always. always. >> the interesting thing for me is, to get to the top in sport, you have to be selfish. you have to be focused. here we are, we're suddenly we're able to do that when you're single. but when you got married and had kids, you know, it's family first. so how do you switch to make sure that you are the best golfer in the world as a good dad? >> i don't practice as much as i used to. i don't spend the amount of hours on the golf course, and -- like i used to. but my focus is so much more intense than it ever used to be. because i don't have the time. i know i have to get whatever i have to get done in a shorter amount of time. >> time management. he learned that at stanford. stanford university. congratulations.
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that's from an interview with sky sports one. we are taking your calls live. sandy in canada, hi, sandy. >> caller: hi, nancy. >> hi, dear. what's your question? >> caller: i'm wondering why people for so many years have emulated tiger woods to be such a great role model for children when his behavior on the golf course is despicable. he spits, he swears the "f bomb." he smashes his clubs. and this tops it all off. i think we need a new role model. there are a lot of good golfers around who didn't get their talent from a bottle of steroids. >> sandy, i've always looked up to tiger woods and i didn't know any of that, that you just told me. to michael gordon, ceo of the group gordon in new york crisis pr expert, are you familiar with that behavior by tiger woods on the golf course? >> yeah. he was sometimes tempestuous on the golf course. by and large, his image was pretty pristine and he worked pretty hard to get it that way. that's the whole issue we're dealing with right now, nancy.
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his image before was pristine, very carefully controlled. and now there's a huge disconnect between his private life and his public persona. one's carefully controlled, the other was really irresponsible about his family. that's why there's so much interest in the story. that's why he will over time have a lot harder of a time recovering. >> to drew petrimo standing by there in florida from wdbo radio. drew, it's my understanding that reports are surfacing that he is very afraid that elin nordegren is going to divorce him and take the children to sweden. i mean, i don't know how afraid he could be if all these reports of mistresses are true. every time you take off with a mistress, you've got to think somewhere in the back of your mind what your spouse would do if they find out. >> right. and there was also reports that there was a moving van seen at the house. >> hold on, drew. they're showing -- this is a photo from today, moving vans
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leaving the home. go ahead, drew. >> exactly. with those reports, you have to wonder, is she planning on moving out? we understand from what we've heard they were moving artwork. but, you know, speculation runs amok, is she moving out, is she going to move back to sweden. a lot of these questions are still unanswered. >> moving? what artwork? where? liz, show me that shot again, please. moving what artwork where, drew? >> that's the big question. i mean, we saw those -- >> hold on. look at the moving vans. there's two large moving vans. what kind of art? murals? >> you know, that picture right there is from pretty far away. i think it's actually from a helicopter. so it's hard to tell exactly what it is. but from what i've heard and from what the reports are surfacing, that it is some kind of artwork, whether it belonged to elin or tiger is unclear and whether she actually ip tends to move out of the house or not. like you said earlier, we now think that tiger is actually
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shacked up with an old business friend up north. so he doesn't seem to be in this area. so it doesn't seem like it would be an immediate thing for her to need to move out at this time, even if she wanted to get away from tiger, because he's not here. >> to ellie jolstad, what can you tell me about tiger woods' doctor now under investigation? >> right. this is a canadian doctor who has reportedly treated tiger woods. now, he is in trouble. he's accused of importing illegal substances. however, there are no allegations that tiger woods has done anything -- >> what substance? >> hdh, and another drug that is banned in the u.s. >> human growth hormone, please, ellie, break it down for all of us that don't research, or are glued to their computer all day long like you are. >> okay. >> we're not talking about cocaine or heroin, we're talking about the human growth hormone. in no way is tiger woods associated with this >> right. the procedure that this doctor reportedly performed on tiger woods, we know tiger had knee surgery.
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apparently this doctor has perfected this type of therapy, where you inject blood into a joint. it helps it heal. that's what tiger got. >> to dr. evelyn minaya, this practice has also pn called blood spinning, platelet-rich plasma therapy. >> what it is, we actually take the platelets, which are a component in your blood that helps you clot. we add to that growth hormone, which by the way, is illegal and then we inject it into the site to speed up the recovery in terms of the healing. okay? it is considered to be very foreign, obviously, because most of the people in the united states don't use it. and that's not something that we do to promote healing. >> so is using hgh, human growth hormone, for this blood spinning, is that illegal in america? >> yes, it is. you're not supposed to use growth hormone when it is out of
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its normal realm of what you use it for. >> which is what? >> things like, for instance, there are children that are affected with not growing properly, and in those cases, then we use growth hormone. those things are when they have short stature, and cases like that and syndromes like that. we do use growth hormones. but we never use it in terms of expediting healing or anything like that. those are called off-label uses. >> to bill, former nypd, president of kinder shield agency. bill, it's great to have you with us tonight. bill, another alleged woods mistress has emerged, a 48-year-old florida mother. how difficult will it be to prove these allegations if she wants a divorce and it would go to trial? >> well, i think there's going to be a slew of private investigators on this. i'm very interested to find out who's going to come forward and say, i'm having tiger's cubs. this is going to be something next.
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and we don't know if this is going to be happening or not. but we will wait and see. >> everyone, as we go to break, our thoughts and prayers tonight to the family of one of our longtime producers, he helped found the show with us, phil. in memory, loving memory of his father, joseph rosenbaum, pem broke pines, florida, a holocaust survivor from poland. mr. rosenbaum was an inspiration. he insisted on keeping the memories of the holocaust atrocities alive. over the years, "the miami herald" publishing many of his letters to the editor about his holocaust experiences and other world issues. he gave testimony for steven spielberg's project, and he spoke to broward county school students. among his many, many accomplishments, he wrote his memoirs and was published in the best seller "chicken soup for the mother's soul." his story describes his own mother's sacrifice, giving her
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life to save his at a death camp in poland. he leaves behind a grieving widow of 20 years, christian, and his beloved son phil. joseph rosenbaum, i know the angels are happy to see you tonight. good night, friend.
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a parent's worst nightmare. 4-year-old marc allegedly disappears from his own apartment, under the nose of the mom's boyfriend who was supposed to be watching the child. >> this is the back door that
1:44 am
leads to an alley. which is what the mother's boyfriend says was wide open when he realized marc had gone missing. >> he won't walk out of the house like that. he's scared of people. you've got to tell me something better than that. walk away and nobody knows where he's at? >> he doesn't wander off. he doesn't go to strangers. >> law enforcement executing a search warrant on the home and arresting the mom's boyfriend, the babysitter, corey bird, charging him with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. >> wherever he's at, just let him come home, please? he didn't do anything to you. he didn't do nothing. he didn't ask for this. let him come home. >> the tip line, 800-find-kid, 346-3543. straight to our producer at the
1:45 am
newburg police department. where is this boy? the story doesn't make sense to me. >> nancy, we're here in newburg, where 4-year-old marc bucal disappeared about 1:00 p.m. yesterday. he disappeared from his two-story apartment building where he lived with his mom, his mom's boyfriend and three siblings. we don't know where little marc is tonight. >> wait a minute, i didn't understand that it's a two-story apartment building. i thought it was a single house dwelling. that changes things. go ahead, rupa. >> that's right, nancy. it's a two-story apartment dwelling. you walk into the first floor, you have the front door, and you have living space and dining room. then you go downstairs where the living quarters are. that is also where the back door, the alley door, which is where little marc went missing from. that's the door that the boyfriend says was left wide open. >> joining me also tonight is a very special guest. he is the host of "street court." judge michael mazarello. michael, we go way back, long before you were a big star on "street court."
1:46 am
you used to be a prosecutor, michael, just like me. >> exactly. >> what is your analysis of this case? what have you learned? >> i was here all day. i learned that the police officers in the city of newburg are scouring every inch, every block. the state troopers are out. dogs are out. posters, community activists. and we're looking for this boy actively. i have the chief of police here, you're going to speak to him shortly. everything humanly possible is being done to find this boy. we just hope we have a good outcome here. >> michael, given your schedule shooting "street court," really appreciate you being with us tonight and taking such an interest in this little boy's life. marc anthony buccal, missing, just 4 years old, in this cold weather. joining us, special guest, chief of police of newburg police department, eric palilly. chief, it is an honor to have you with us. what is the temperature there
1:47 am
tonight, chief? >> thank you very much for having me. the temperature here tonight is just about freezing. about 32 degrees. >> chief, what did the little boy have on when he went missing? >> he had a shirt, he had sweatpants and sneakers on. >> now, chief, what is the scenario the live-in boyfriend is giving police about the child's disappearance? >> that he discovered the child missing out the back door, that leads to a backyard that communicates with an alleyway adjacent to the building and then other back yards on another street. >> chief, who all was home -- what time of the day was it when the boy allegedly went out the back door? >> we got the call at about 1:10 yesterday afternoon. and according to the caller at the time, the child had been missing and out of his eyesight at that point for only about ten minutes. >> so within ten minutes he felt he should call police? >> yes.
1:48 am
according to the caller, that's exactly -- he went downstairs, saw that the door was open, saw that the child was nowhere around. looked around a bit and then decided to call police. >> chief, isn't it true that he said the child wanted to go over to the aunt's home, the aunt? >> ordinarily the course of business would be for the child to go to a house adjacent to theirs, an aunt who is a babysitter. and he thought originally that might have happened. however, he checked that as well prior to the arrival of the first officers. and obviously it was not the case. >> chief, did he physically go to the aunt's home to look for the boy and then come back to the home to call police? >> he called us on a cell phone. he was out in front of the residence when police officers arrived. >> so did he go to the aunt's home before he called police? >> it appears he did exactly
1:49 am
that, and then called the police from the street. >> okay. back to you, rupa, what more can you tell me? >> reporter: what we do know, i spoke with christina, the mother today, and she said that the ordinary course of business that her sister, which is little marc's aunt, would baby sit from time to time when it was necessary. sometimes he just wanted to hang out with his aunt. so that day her boyfriend said that he wanted to go see the aunt. and that's where he was headed. >> you're seeing video outside the home where this little boy is freezing tonight. a 4-year-old boy missing in newburgh. joining me right now the mother of the missing child, christina. thank you for being with us. what do you know about the child's disappearance? what did the boyfriend tell you what happened? >> that he wanted to go over to his aunt's house. and he said okay, he can go.
1:50 am
but he went out the door and he went out after him shortly, and he wasn't there. so he had called me. >> he called you -- did he call you before or after he called police? >> i was at work at the time. >> did he call you before or after he called police? >> i believe it was after. >> now, did the little boy go to school yesterday? >> no, he didn't. he said his stomach was hurting. >> what was wrong? >> from time to time his stomach is hurting and he just don't want to go to school. >> is this the boyfriend's biological son? >> is who? >> who is the father of this little boy? >> it's not cory. >> so this is not his biological
1:51 am
son? >> no. >> where is the father? >> he's here in newberg today. >> is he normally in newberg or does he normally live elsewhere? >> he lives in connecticut. from time to time he comes to newberg.
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